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Custom veterinary services for bovine and small ruminants.

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Bovine & Small Ruminant Preventative Medicine

Regular preventative care can ensure better health for your cattle, sheep, goats, and other small ruminants. Vaccinations are available to prevent respiratory infections and Clostridial infections including tetanus and blackleg. Regular deworming is essential for preventing parasites including intestinal parasites, flies, ticks, and lice. Fecal examinations are especially important in small ruminants as resistance to dewormers is very prevalent. It is recommended to work with your doctor to learn when it is necessary to deworm, which dewormers to use, and when to perform fecal screens to check for efficacy.
We can also help you with your reproductive needs. Prior to breeding season, it is recommended to perform a breeding soundness exam to ensure adequate sperm motility and morphology. A trichomoniasis (ie trich) test is recommended for bulls of breeding age, especially if another bullĀ  of unknown status has been on the property, this bull is a new purchase, or if you are having reproductive difficulties. Trich, and other sexually transmitted diseases, can cause an increase in abortions, decrease your calf crop, and have financial repercussions for your cattle business.
Our doctors can assist you in your herd goals whether that is improving your herd genetics through artificial insemination, help increase your conception rates, synchronize your females, set up vaccination and deworming schedules, and much more.
Other routine services your livestock may need include TB and Brucellosis testing prior to sale or movement, health certificates for sales or shows, hoof trims, dehorning, and more. Our veterinarians are USDA accredited in order to provide you services such as TB testing, Brucellosis testing, Brucellosis vaccinating, and writing of health certificates that other veterinarians may not be able to do.
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control with fecals
  • Palpation and ultrasound for pregnancy
  • Breeding soundness exams and Trich testing
  • Branding – freeze and hot
  • Dehorning
  • Foot trims
  • Health certificates
  • TB and Brucellosis testing
  • Reproductive/AI
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Bovine & Small Ruminant Medical Services

Some of the common problems our doctors can help treat and manage in livestock include reproductive disorders, lameness, diarrhea, respiratory disease, and more. Without quick , prolonged recovery time, economic losses, and even death losses may occur. We have the capabilities to offer diagnostics including in-house lab tests, outside laboratory submissions, and even imaging (i.e. ultrasound, x-rays) in certain cases. We also have the ability to refer to livestock specialists at Texas A&M when needed.
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment and Management of many illnesses including but not limited too – diarrhea, respiratory diseases, lameness, calving difficulties, mastitis
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Bovine & Small Ruminant Surgery

Bovine and small ruminants are not exempt from needing surgery at times. Our doctors strive to provide an excellent level of care to your livestock just like we would your pet. Routine procedures include castration of males. Other more complex procedures that may be needed include eye enucleation, prolapse replacements, claw amputations, dehorning, hernia repairs, and emergency c-sections.
  • Castration
  • Laceration repair
  • Eye enucleation
  • Prolapses – vaginal and uterine
  • C-sections
  • Claw amputation
  • Cosmetic dehorning
  • Hernia repair
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