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Bastrop Veterinary Hospital Services


Companion Animals

  • Preventive Medicine: Vaccinations, Parasite Control (intestinal worms, heartworms, fleas, ticks), Fecals, Dental Cleanings, Annual Exams, Microchips, Health certificates, Nail trim
  • Surgery: Spay, Neuter, De-Claw, Lump removal, Ear hematomas, minor Orthopedic repair, Dental extractions, Hernia repairs, Eye enucleation, Foreign body removal, Amputation
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of many illnesses including but not limited too - Parvo, Heartworm treatment, Diabetes, Thyroid diseases, Seizures, Arthritis, Skin diseases, Allergies, Anemia's including blood transfusions, Infections, Cough
  • Boarding & Grooming

Pocket Pets:

  • Exams, vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition, selective surgeries, illness, nail, teeth, beak and wing trimming


  • Preventative Medicine: Vaccinations, Digital Coggins, Parasite Control with Fecals, Dental Floating, Annual Exams, Pre-breeding exams, cultures and Ultrasound, Microchips, Freeze Branding, Health certificates
  • Surgery: Castration, Laceration repair, Wolf teeth extraction, Eye enucleation, Caslicks, Lump removal, Hernia repair in foals
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of many illnesses including but not limited too - Colic, Respiratory Diseases, Diarrhea, Cushings, Choke, Lameness, Pregnancy and complications, Infections

Bovine and Small Ruminant:

  • Preventative Medicine: Vaccinations, Parasite Control with Fecals, Palpation and Ultrasound for pregnancy, Breeding soundness exams and Trich testing, Branding - freeze and hot, Dehorning, Foot trims, Health certificates, TB and Brucellosis testing
  • Surgery: Castration, Laceration repair, Eye enucleation, Prolapses - vaginal and uterine, C-sections, Claw amputation, Cosmetic dehorning, Hernia repair
  • Medicine: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of many illnesses including but not limited too - Diarrhea, Respiratory Diseases, Lameness, Calving difficulties, Mastitis
  • Farm Calls and herd management: Yes, we have a tranquilizer gun!

*We also do Surgery and Preventative  Medicine for:: Deer, Camelids and Porcine

Pet Dental Care

We now use and recommend Oravet for dental care. Please call for more details.

Normal Appearing Gingiva

There is minimal plaque and calculous on the tooth surface.
Grade 1: Gingivits - Gingal Inflammation

Occurs secondary to plaque accumulation or calculus, the main sign is halitosis
Grade 2: Early Peridontal Disease

Appears as inflammation, swelling and moderate halitosis
Grade 3: Established Periodontal Disease

Appears as pustular discharge, bleeding and marked halitosis.
Grade 4: Advanced Periodontal Disease

Appears as bleeding gingiva, mobile teeth and marked halitosis.

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